Change Guitar Strings

Restring Acoustic Guitar

Restring Classical Guitar

Restring Electric Guitar

Restring Hardtail Electric Guitar

Guitar String info

New Strings

To stabilize your guitar and strings, Tune your guitar strings to pitch and then let them settle before playing. 


After everytime you play your guitar, use a clean soft dry cloth to wipe your strings down. Wiping the strings and fretboard down reduces the wear on your strings, frets and fretboard. Clean strings maintain a quality sound for a longer period of time..

Nuts & Saddles

To avoid string breakage, Lubricate nut slots & saddles using graphite from a pencil point.

Scale Length

Guitar Strings have less tension on a shorter scale guitar.

New String Storage

New unused sets of guitar strings should be kept in a dry place and can be stored almost indefinitely.

Once strings are opened and installed, even if you didn't play your guitar for a long time after a restring, those strings will sound dead. It has to do with the metal oxidizing, Once strings are removed from the package the metal oxidizes and the strings will go dead.